E – Marketing in India


E – Marketing in India

E marketing means using digital technologies to help sell you goods or services. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that allows the brand to connect with a huge database of audiences. It is more effective and inexpensive mode of communication. These email communications could contain everything from promotional information to advertisements, offers, deals, announcements and links. The development of e marketing has been one of the most important and influential trends in the field of business marketing and information Technology offer the past decade. It has revolutionized the manner in which certain businesses market their products and the advent of social media offers the potential to revolutionize the manner in which business and consumers interact in the future. The benefits of using Internet marketing are for different company sizes. It is a new medium for advertising and PR (Public relationship) and a new product distribution channel. In addition to this, Internet marketing offers new opportunities for developing new international markets without the existence of representative or sales offices and agents. The Internet also provides new methods to improve customer services and is considered as the most cost-effective marketing tool as it reduces paper works and number of staff as well as by passes operating offices.

Growth of E Marketing in India

With more than 198 million Internet users, India was the third-largest online market ranked only behind China and the United States and declaring itself as a market not to be ignored on the global stage. Of the millions of Internet users in India, come from the 25-34 age brackets of those who use the Internet at home or at work what makes the 38 percent usage of internet, a percentage that was higher than any other age group surveyed. Additionally, men dominated internet usage with 61 percent to women‘s 39 percent. 5.1 hours, it is the average daily online usage in the country amongst internet users. One opinion whereby, as of second quarter 2015, India shares the characteristics of other global Internet users is its passion for social media, with Facebook being the most popular social networking site with a 53 percent active reach. Other popular networks include Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media and communication also proved popular with mobile phone users in the country with the number of monthly active users of What Sapp reaching 70 million. India has been the last 5 years in a great journey reference to online growth. In 2011 till 2014 the online users in India doubled from 120 million to 278 million users. Mobile also showed amazing progress with 900 million mobile connections and 220 million smartphone shipments in India in 2014. Happily, three signs of growth are evident that could break the slow progress of Internet marketing in India and could lead into a promising future. You can see this through the existence of small sites, the role of social media, and innovative ideas.


Present Situation of E-Marketing in India

According to the research done by OCTANR RESEARCH

Digital India: State of Online Marketing in India 2016

Customer Acquisition: The primary focus for marketing activities to be carried out in 2016 for majority (58%) of India Marketers is Customer Acquisition.

For 50% India Marketers, e-Marketing revenue contribution is above 10%: 85% of the

Marketers are tracking revenues generated through e-Marketing activities for their business. 50% of Respondents report that e-Marketing activities are contributing more than 10% of share of their revenues.

Integrated Campaigns increase Conversion Rates: 80% of India Marketers believe that integrated campaigns (Email, Social and Mobile) can result in moderate to significant increase in conversion rates.


Opportunities of E-marketing in India

Empowering effect

One of the advantages of online marketing is associated with its enabling outcome mainly on the

Small businesses, since “internet can extent market reach and operational efficiency of small and

Medium enterprises (SMEs)”(Dholekia and Kshatriya, 2004: 311). Indeed Internet has created a kind of democratized atmosphere in which marketing has been modernized in such a way that even small businesses are given a good chance to promote and brand their products on a much more larger scale (Jobber, 2001; Tapp, 2008). It should be, for that reason, stressed, “Internet has created extraordinary Opportunities for small businesses to engage in national and international marketing campaigns which could have been high-priced due to the huge amount of resources required” (Poon and Jevons, 1997: 29). Email marketing, bogging, launching web-sites, etc. are among the easily affordable inter-fostered Channels than can provide small business with the ability to survive and compete. The reason why Internet marketing has become so popular is because they provide three major Benefits to potential buyers:

  1. Convenience: Customers can order products 24 hours a day wherever they are. They don‘t have to Sit in traffic, and a parking space, and walk through countless shops to find and examine goods.
  2. Information: Customers can find reams of comparative information about companies, products, Competitors and prices without leaving their office or home.
  3. Fewer hassles: Customers don‘t have to face salespeople or open themselves up to persuasion and Emotional factors; they also don‘t have to wait in line.
  • E learning in India has a very bright future as India is a country where people think highly of education and long for getting quality education at all cost.
  • E learning gives opportunity to people to get the best quality education regardless of their geographic location, or any other factor that was opposing them earlier to fulfill their dreams to learn.

Future of E – Marketing in India

  • In India e – tailing has potential to grow to us $ 76 billion dollars by 2021.
  • Facebook’s announcement in July that it is trailing a ”buy” button is good news for all brands. With 1.28 billon registered users, this could be the largest online store.
  • Twitter, which is also working on a commerce offering on the network, has just acquired card spring, a payment infrastructure company.
  • Social shopping is clearly the next big thing.


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