Introduction to E-Marketing


Introduction to E-Marketing

E-marketing concept is a recently developed concept, which also a result of Information technology and the internet. At present time e-marketing is one of main marketing strategy which is practicing in all most all the businesses in the world. The simple meaning of e-marketing concept is,

 It is a process of planning and executing the conception, distribution and promotion, and pricing of products and services in computerized, networked environment. Such as the Internet and World Wide Web in order to facilitate exchanges and satisfy customer demands.

When we study about the e-marketing concept there is a concept called, 7Cs of e-marketing. However in this magazine we have identified and discussing only Asian Context in e-marketing. We will discuss three countries and their practice of e-marketing concept. China, India and Sri Lanka are the three countries that we are proposed to discuss in the magazine .When we talking about e-marketing concept in those countries one by one, the first country is China.

China is a country which uses e-marketing concept for all most all of their business process as well as other activities. Such as using e –marketing for education purposes, to market their products and brands through the internet and also to market services (Banking, Insurance, Transportation etc.)In China unlike other countries they don’t use GOOGLE. Instead of that they are using “Baidu”.Through that search engine they are doing their e-marketing. As well as in China they have “Alli Baba Express Web Site”. It has become one of most leading e-marketing web site in the world.

And the second country is India. The Indians are also quite practicing e-marketing concept. Even Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry have launched an e-marketing web site called Gem 3.0. As well as in India through e-marketing, e-learning has become more popular. Through e-learning soft wares most companies are marketing education service .As well as they are practicing e-visa, e-stamping, e-filling under the concept of e-marketing.

Sri Lanka is the last country that we will talk. In Sri Lanka also e-marketing have been rapidly developed island wide. Sri Lankan’s are using e-marketing concept for mainly business context. Such as websites like “, and etc. Not only for the private sector e-marketing uses for also public sector. Through e-marketing many people in this field in Sri Lanka are earning considerable profit.AT the end we must say that e-marketing is one of rapidly changing and growing marketing strategy in global context. Through this concept both we gain advantages as well as dis-advantages. As we are in 21st century there are quiet legal policies that are applying for e-marketing strategy, due to many issues.


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