Interview questions and answers for e-marketing


Interview questions and answers for e-marketing

1) How is the internet relevant to e -commerce?

Internet and e-commerce have strong bond because internet and website can’t leave and internet is milestone by e-commerce. So i can tell internet relevant to e-commerce.

2) How use e- marketing in your business?

My it related business is CIS WORLD. And another business is MINEK LANKA. First I do create website and after i include business for it. That is tricks in e-marketing field.

3) What is the difference of normal? Market and e marketing and what is the best? as your idea?

Normally marketing used, reform, plastic board, glasses, polythene and any other harmful things for environment. But e-marketing use only digital platforms. And I think, in the today, humans are always in social media than normal market, they have very busy schedule, so they can’t saw cutout. They also like watch digital platforms. So I think in the today normal market is not given to good results. The best thing of e-marketing.

4) How is e- marketing helpful to the consumer in south Asia?

Every business requires a reliable marketing campaign that is capable of enhancing the exposure, generating sales and ossering opportunity meet the desired success rate. And Asia countries achieved; reduced cost, brand engagement, refine marketing strategy.

5) What is technologies use by e marketing in south Asia?

sri Lankan haven’t online payment system like PayPal. But coming very soon PayPal system. And use mobile app, sites, and examples in my company: we develop the site for apartment. We use for that mobile app, sites. And association with IBM marketing cloud, surveyed more than 500 client side and supply side respondents in south Asian about email and marketing .they used 16 email technologies. Example is, transactional emails for marketing.

6) How about future of e marketing in south Asia?

Over the 20 years since amazon (1994) and eBay (1995) were founded. Jack ma started Alibaba and his Hangzhou apartment in 1999 right before the internet 1.0 bubble burst. A lot has happened in global e-marketing since then, including the slow but steady march of amazon, the quick rise and fall of daily deals and flash sales sites, and Alibaba’s blockbuster IPO in 201 so this historical review creates the two frameworks. The e-marketing and e-commerce 1.0/2.0 to help predict the future opportunity of e-marketing in south Asia.


7) How southeast Asia e-marketing is different?

First I tell south Asia is a hybrid between US and China,

Because, lazada, the dominant e-commerce and e-marketing platform in south Asia. Is both an amazon and Tmall. lazada today gets 70% of its gross merchandise value compare to amzon, which traditionally used to be 100% direct retail but has been moving towards a marketplace model. Today amzon gets 59% of its GMV from B2B2C.and south asia is next e-marketing gold rush. For next 5-6 years south Asia B2c will go through father consolidation to end up in a one or two player game.

8) What is digital marketing trends for south Asia?

Social media is booming-69%of Singaporeans have connected with brands social media site, mobile will dominate-there are already 895 million mobile users in the region.

9) What is the total digital spend in south Asia?

It happening on this type: travelled-commerce-media and entertainment, advertising, transport and gaming and social.

Travel: airline tickets, hotels and lodging, short-term rentals


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